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Commercial Mechanical Warewashing

Mechanical Warewashing

Kirby's Sweet Results Guarantee...
"Clean Dishes Don't Have To Be
High Priced."

REAL PROBLEMS to be solved:
Wasted water, electricity, chemicals and employee time
Poor training
Weak supplier service / support
Poor Health Department Inspections
Bad customer dining experiences
Storage problems
Unclean dishes

Kirby's Brand of
Mechanical Dish Washing Chemicals.

• Kirby's Brand of SERVICE:
Since 1970 - Solving problems for kitchens like yours.
Loyal customer quote: "You always do what you say you will do."
Kirby's brand of service is 24/7
Quick...Reliable delivery direct from our headquarters blending plant.

• Kirby's Brand of DISH MACHINES:
Rugged and Solid Energy Savers. Lowers water use dramatically.
Raw mechanical power at your fingertips.

• Kirby's Brand of CHEMICALS:
World's best dish washing "solutions" at contract prices.
PROVEN METHODS - Our brand of Chemicals are made to work with the Time, Temperature, Right mechanical and chemical action to produce Guaranteed Clean Results.